Integrating your web and print-media campaign

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Wouldn’t it be fabulous to install a “bulletin board” in the home of every client, customer or prospect for your company, on which you might post news, promotions, seasonal specials and educational content? Wouldn’t it be even greater if it became “all the rage” for people to regularly check it out? Now, BOTH are possible! Smart-Phones, Bar-codes and QR Codes are driving a new consumer habit: That of “scanning” – to find the most current information about a product in the store, a company, a house for sale or an event – It’s already “mainstream” among the “under 40″ set. And as we did with FaceBook, the rest of us are soon to follow! So how can we derive a marketing benefit from this trend?

By choosing print-media with staying power and including in the ad our mobile link (readable by mobile devices: QR code or bar-code) to an on-line site where we post that variable content, we can effectively use a single print-ad as a platform for on-going “dialogue” with the market! Many companies are already using QR codes to bring consumers to their websites. That provides a wonderful convenience for the consumer who can now get to your website without going to the computer.

Better still is to create an “on-line bulletin-board” for your company – a website specifically designed for display on mobile devices and very simple for you to edit. On this site, you post your news, promotions, seasonal specials and educational content. The URL to which the QR code links your prospect remains the same but as the months pass, seasons change and new developments arise in your industry, you keep your customers and prospects up to date by posting new material to this site regularly. We’re seeing a major shift in the way consumers access information from the web! On a groundswell of popularity, QR Codes are pouring into the mainstream press and will soon be as ubiquitous as web-addresses in ads, articles and columns. Here at Sponsored Publications, we will be insuring that our advertisers – who occupy an enviable place in the homes of the residents we serve, will be positioned to leverage their printed directory ads to engage their best prospects in an ongoing dialogue! I hope you’ll join us!