Targeted Branding – building universal recognition within a targeted area

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When did you first hear about McDonalds? How about Pepsi or Coke? It’s kind of a silly question isn’t it? In our earliest memory we were already aware of these brands. Most people think it’s impossible to create the kind of universal recognition that these brands have created without millions of dollars for advertising. And that would be true, were we trying to do it world-wide. But the truth is that if we focus on a small, well-defined target-market – A NEIGHBORHOOD, we can achieve universal recognition. So how do we do it? Here are three guidelines:

  • ASSOCIATE your brand to something that matters to the people in your target. Choose media, events, causes etc that have meaning to these people. A neighborhood publication, a community project or sponsorship of organizations that are known to be embraced by the people in your target.
  • BE CONSISTENT in the presentation of your brand. Your logo’s effectiveness is more a function of consistent presentation than of its aesthetic appeal.
  • STAY IN FRONT of your audience. Whether by the staying power of the media you choose or by repetition. The market has a short memory. If you are not occupying the “mind-space” of your targeted audience, your competitor soon will be.

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