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GET REAL With your target-market!

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The advent of the “digital age” has lead some to believe that human nature is actually being altered by advances in the way we access information! Nothing could be further from the truth. Advances in the WAY we access information or interact with others should not be confused with the core motivations impacting our INCLINATION to do so.

It’s a costly, but unfortunately, fairly common error.

As humans, we’re social – tribal – in the way we associate with others. We gravitate toward faces we know and recognize, whether that face is the literal face of a neighbor or whether it is the figurative “face” of a company presented by a logo (the geometric markers of which are, in fact processed by the human brain in much the same way as are the human faces of people in our lives!) Our ancient PREFERENCE for RECOGNIZED FACES will continue to drive our choices.

Digital media is an essential element of any competent marketing program. When people are actively engaged in looking for either your company or the service / product you provide, you simply must be easy to find and access on line.

What digital media CANNOT do, however, is provide the physical MARKET PRESENCE essential to generating BRAND PREFERENCE: Recognition, Brand-Alignment, positive association – these are the products of BEING PRESENT in the REAL WORLD – where your customer lives.

In creating the strategic brand-alignments essential to positioning of our brand; making it an INTEGRAL PART OF a target-market community, we cannot replace PRINTED media! Only in print can you control for the CONTEXT of your message; offering you a way to create positive associations with the real-world environment occupied by real people!

This likely explains why there is MORE ad-supported PRINT MEDIA in circulation today than at any time in history …despite the decades-old claim that the “digital age” would bring about a “paperless society!”

Among the BEST strategies for a small business whose market area and budget are limited is to create a durable association of the name/logo to the identity of the community served. You see this strategy being successfully deployed when people use the Community name in their own business name. Supporting that by frequent appearance in the community newspaper, private directory and as a sponsor of local events rounds out the presentation of an authentic “neighborhood” business, earning enviable job-density and durable loyalty from its customers.

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