Who is Sponsored Publications?


Sponsored Publications is a “home-grown” company, formed to specialize in producing customized, private membership & association directories. The company was formed in 1989 by Patricia Carmichael Anthone and is still operated by Tricia today. Tricia’s extensive background in print-advertising – especially in the Home-Improvement sector – informs the advertising features offered by the sponsorship advertising in Our Neighborhood Directory. The company serves the more exclusive communities of the Denver metro area – areas in which privacy concerns prevent residents from listing in the public phone book.

Among the appeals of living in an exclusive, high-end community like Cherry Hills, Greenwood Village or Castle Pines Village is the sense of privacy that this environment offers. Many of the residents guard this privacy by omitting themselves from public phone books and conventional mailing lists.

In fact, these communities can be so private that many residents would be inaccessible, even to their own neighbors were it not for a private community directory prepared for residents of that community.

It is for this reason that many such communities have, in the past, produced and distributed to their homeowners, a private resident roster and community organizations list.

The private community directory fosters a sense of community identity and facilitates the neighbor-to-neighbor connectedness needed to transform an “upper-end housing area” into a true neighborhood.

Noting this, and the degree to which community members seem to rely upon these private rosters, Tricia first “floated the idea” of a sponsored or ad-supported version of their directory in 1989.

Needless to say, the response has been a resounding success! Our Neighborhood Directory by Sponsored Publications lists the residents, homeowner association contacts, even babysitters and tutors in the neighborhood – information available from no other source!