Private, custom editions, supported by Local Business Advertising

  • Resident Roster – An alphabetical listing of the residents; AND a by-street index of neighbors called, “Meet your Neighbor.” Most of the residents of the communities we serve are unlisted in public directories. By providing the community with it’s own, private directory and keeping the distribution to the community itself, we offer residents a safer way to make their household contact info available to neighbors. Our Neighborhood Directory facilitates neighbor-to-neighbor connection.
  • Community Organizations, Private Clubs, Committees, etc.
  • Neighborhood Helpers – Babysitters, Home and Pet-sitters, Dog walkers, Tutors – all from among the neighbors of the community.
  • Community Resources – including the neighborhood schools, post offices, libraries, locations for license and plate renewal, etc.
  • Resident-RECOMMENDED service contractors and businesses – Our Service Guide; also posted here on the website, is comprised of businesses who are RECOMMENDED by the residents of the neighborhood in which they advertise.

Our program provides the community with a period of intense community focus and definition, culminating in the preparation, printing and release of their own, custom-edition of Our Neighborhood Directory. Why settle for “targeting the market” (doesn’t that phrase sound predatory?) when you can PARTNER with the community in a program that has value and meaning to them?

Our Neighborhood Directory provides residents with PRIVATE CONTENT that is not available anywhere else. (The private content is why you won’t see a full directory here on this website.)

Each edition is carried by local business advertising from people like you who serve and have have references among the residents of the target-community. If you have references among these exclusive Denver-Metro area neighborhoods (See Rates & Dates for a list) you qualify to participate!

CONTACT the publisher (Tricia Anthone – – 303.726-2034) for a private conference and have a look at the books in person.

Our Neighborhood Directory by Sponsored Publications is a wire-bound, 6.5″ wide X 8″ tall book averaging 100 pages (depending on content the community elects to include). The directory features full-color photographic covers and divider tabs to give easier access to the various sections.

Our Directories Are Sponsored by Local Business Advertising

Each neighborhood project is sponsored by a group of carefully recruited advertisers (each of whom must be recommended by a resident of the community in order to advertise). They are then presented as neighbor referrals in a context of community involvement and support. Due to the confidential nature of our content, you will not find an actual directory on this website. In fact, the distribution of the hard-copy, printed book is limited to the neighborhood served and that community’s directory sponsors.

Our Neighborhood Directory has earned TRUST of the Communities we Serve

The residential list is treated as confidential material throughout each step in the preparation, printing and mailing process and is never sold to anyone. Because we have earned the trust of these communities, our listing rate has stayed in the upper 90’s (compared with public phone book formats’ rate of between 40-60%).