Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of consumer response does Our Neighborhood Directory generate?
  • Increase in referrals from your existing clients in the area
  • Increase in TRAFFIC to your website – especially to those pages to which you may have specifically driven via qrCode-Links included in your display ad and/or on your ServiceGuide listings.
  • Increase in the number of people citing your trucks, yard-signs and general “neighborhood presence”

As an advertising vehicle Our Neighborhood Directory is a micro-market BRANDING tool which positions your name and logo as a recognized, recommended provider in your best target markets. It provides a foundation of positive association and brand-loyalty to your overall marketing program. We do not recommend this approach as a stand-alone, one-off ad placement but rather suggest that this brand-building program be deployed as the foundation of a comprehensive marketing strategy which includes promotional and directional pieces targeted to the community as well. Advertisers who track market-penetration data note that in areas where their OND ad is placed, they receive greater response from their promotional (coupons for example) and directional (Internet listings, etc) advertising. HERE’S WHY:

  • Resident of Cherry Hills Village (for example) has seen your name and logo several times in her neighborhood directory,
  • she therefore considers your company to be “the one in our neighborhood.”
  • When she’s next “in the market” for the service you provide, ANY of the ad messages you provide to her will get preferential treatment over those from a company with whom she’s unfamiliar.

It may be, at this point, that she’s referencing a listing on-line or the phone book. Because you are associated, in her mind, with her immediate community, she’s drawn to your name and logo even if she doesn’t remember where that association was first created.

If the response from Our Neighborhood Directory takes an indirect form (more people responding to a mailing campaign from WITHIN an OND-targeted area than from outside the OND-targeted area) how can I “track” the results?

Many people think they are tracking the performance of their marketing program by asking in-bound customers what piece they are referencing at the time of their call. What they get out of that practice is a look at the references people utilize in the “buyer-ready, pick-one” stage of things. That information is useful, but hardly a complete picture of what is DRIVING CONSUMER SELECTIONS. To do that, you need to take it a step further. But it’s really easy!

Take 4 simple steps to tracking your company’s marketing performance:

  • Put a wall-map of the metro area up in your office.
  • Draw borders around the areas in which you’ve deployed your brand-building campaign.
  • Each time you receive a response to ANY of your ads, indicate the location of the in-bound customer with a colored push-pin.
  • Each time you change your “marketing mix” change the color of the push-pins used to indicate the location of the in-bound customer, and insure that the key which accompanies this map clearly documents the exact mix represented by each push-pin color.

Over time, you’ll see which areas are most responsive to which mix of campaign materials.  This method is low-tech, easy to maintain and results in a graphic representation of your company’s marketing results.  Because there is so much information to be gained at so little cost, a visual tracking of your company’s marketing performance should be in place whether you advertise in Our Neighborhood Directory or not!

How many of my competitors will appear in the edition of Our Neighborhood Directory in which my ad appears?

No more than three direct competitors in each category will be advertised. Because there is a great deal of overlap in the service offering of  Home Improvement companies, we ask that you state up to three specialty areas of service to feature on our Service Guide. Our maximum number of three direct competitors is with respect to your primary area of specialty.

Do I need to supply my own press-ready ad art or can you create the ad for me?

We can create your ad for you using materials you supply (as jpg files) or accept a press-ready file from you (as a pdf) as long as your prepared ad is at specified size. There is no additional charge for our ad-art services. We pride ourselves in creating vivid, beautiful and compelling ad-pieces for our advertisers so please feel free to leverage our talent and experience!

Your Service Guide says “recommended by friends and neighbors” in the neighborhood, but you contacted me after seeing my truck in the area. Don’t I need a reference?

We initiate contact with many of our advertisers having seen them or their advertising in or close to the neighborhood for which we’re currently recruiting sponsors. In this event, we simply ask you to supply references from the area in which you’d like to participate.

How often is Our Neighborhood Directory published?

Generally, we put out a new edition once per year, but there are some exceptions to that. A couple of areas are currently on an every-other-year schedule due to the slow-down in real estate sales and the decreased need for updated data. The benefit there for our advertisers is obvious – some will receive a second year of advertising for their money! In no event will a directory be replaced more frequently than once-per-year. Please refer to the Rates and Dates page to see which editions are on schedule for this year.

Should I just run my “yellow-page” ad in Our Neighborhood Directory?

Ads created for a “Yellow-page” (pick-one) book are used differently than a branding piece created for Our Neighborhood Directory. In the “yellow-pages” the consumer is comparing you to a great many competitors – “tell more, sell more” is an appropriate strategy in this setting with ads containing a lot of bulleted copy, location maps, business hours, etc. Our Neighborhood Directory seeks to associate your name and logo with the immediate community of the resident. Given that, it’s best to employ a highly visual approach – graphics, photography, large logo, minimal copy, and a headline with terrific punch. We’d seek to insure that your primary service offering and value proposition are understood “at-a-glance” even when seen indirectly or attendant to some other task. Please let us help you create an ad specifically designed to make the most of this placement. There is no charge for our ad-art services.

What are the selection criteria for choosing the neighborhoods you serve?

We choose to work with areas that are consistently defined by our advertisers as “target-markets.”  Because our advertisers are primarily service companies (and largely in the home improvement sector)we define our idea of “target” qualities the way you do:

  • Single Family homes
  • Owner occupied
  • Property values averaging $750,000 and up
Can I select the location of my ad within the publication?

Yes. The available selection will depend on how much of the ad-space has been sold by the time you are making your placement. Where available I will accommodate your specific-placement request.

What payment options do you offer?

Single ad placements are paid 50% at the time of reservation with the balance due on ad proof. Because we publish one edition at a time, your Multiple-edition placement, by definition, will occur over time. Therefore, a payment plan will be established which will seek to equate the term of payment to the time it takes to complete the publication of each of the books in your selection. We also take Visa and MasterCard.