Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What type of consumer response does Our Neighborhood Directory generate?
If the response from Our Neighborhood Directory takes an indirect form (more people responding to a mailing campaign from WITHIN an OND-targeted area than from outside the OND-targeted area) how can I “track” the results?
How many of my competitors will appear in the edition of Our Neighborhood Directory in which my ad appears?
Do I need to supply my own press-ready ad art or can you create the ad for me?
Your Service Guide says “recommended by friends and neighbors” in the neighborhood, but you contacted me after seeing my truck in the area. Don’t I need a reference?
How often is Our Neighborhood Directory published?
Should I just run my “yellow-page” ad in Our Neighborhood Directory?
What are the selection criteria for choosing the neighborhoods you serve?
Can I select the location of my ad within the publication?
What payment options do you offer?